Reason for being elected

There are reasons
for Aomori to be chosen.

Aomori Prefecture has an optimum sporting environment to host pre-Games training camps.

Cool even in summer:
located on the northern tip of Honshu Island

Aomori Prefecture is located at the northernmost point of Japan’s main island of Honshu and lies at an almost identical latitude as Rome, Madrid and New York. Its climate remains relatively cool even in summer to be ideal for the conditioning of athletes.

Limited rainfall
in the summertime

Rainfall is limited even in the rainy season (June-July), providing suitable conditions for training.

Direct flights available from
Incheon International Airport

Direct flights are operated from Incheon International Airport (Seoul), called “Asia’s hub airport,” to Aomori Airport. Aomori can be accessed without stress from countries in Europe, America and other regions, not to mention Asia.

Home to a host of
big-name athletes

Aomori has produced many athletes to shine in the Olympics and on other international stages. There are facilities in the prefecture that have been used by Olympic medalists for training.

Rich in nature/
hot springs and culture

Aomori is filled with natural beauty including Shirakami Mountain Range, one of Japan’s first sites entered on the U NESCO World Natural Heritage list. The prefecture is dotted with onsen, or hot springs, that are useful for recovery from physical and mental fatigue. Summer festivals in Aomori are well known nationwide and promote active international and intercultural exchange along the way.